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Greta Usaite

Visual Arts


Hello there! My name is Greta Usaite, I am an interior designer and visual artist based in Co.Louth, Ireland.  I create visually peaceful and harmonious compositions in ink and hope that the meditative process that takes place to create these pieces translates and inspires you to slow down as well. The world can be a very chaotic place externally and internally...Therefore, I aim to bring serenity and ease through artwork and interiors. My current series of paintings have been inspired by Irish landscape, specifically drawing inspiration from West of Ireland. 

My photography journey began less than a year ago during my 6 month trip around South-East Asia. I purchased a second hand camera and began capturing moments I never thought I could.  My photography is mostly shot in black and white, which in my opinion has a tendency to add sophistication and style to any space. A series of my photographs were recently shortlisted and received an Honorable Mention award by IPA 2023 (International Photography Awards 2023).



Capturing moments of spontanious beauty in mostly monochrome look.

Original Artwork

Original artwork inspired by Irish Lanscape, expressed through fluidity of the medium and meditation during the moment. Painted using Indian ink on high quality watercolour paper.



'' Through the lens of photography, EVOCATIONS aims to transport viewers directly into the rich, vibrant tapestry of South-East Asia. Through a collection of intimate and engaging snapshots, EVOCATIONS captures the essence of everyday living, with an emphasisis on the lives of the native people, all unfolding against the backdrop of this culturally diverse region. ''

When:  2nd Feb - TBC, 2024

Location:  Mo Chara (upstairs), Dundalk, Co.Louth


A collection of paintings that emerged during a period of necessary cocooning, a longing for solitude, and a journey of letting go of old ways while also embracing them. These paintings symbolize exploration, experimentation, wandering, and wondering.

When:  23rd Feb - End of March 2024

Location:  3rd Place Coffee House, Dundalk, Co.Louth


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