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AEST / STUDIO is an interior design studio set up by Greta Usaite and is based in Dundalk, Co.louth.

Our goal is to create modern and artful spaces that reflect your lifestyle, bring harmony and tranquility into your life. We believe that things we surrounds ourselves with can reflect and influnce how we feel on the inside... If we are in beautiful and harmonious spaces, we have a tendency to feel less stressed on the inside.

Our approach is driven by the fusion of aesthetic functionality and a deep understanding of our clients' living habits. We believe in making people's lives easier through thoughtful design, creating spaces that are both elegant and infused with a sense of fun. Drawing inspiration from our travels, we channel our passion for all aspects of creativity, including artwork and photography, to deliver truly inspiring environments.
Let us share our creativity with you.
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Hey! My name is Greta Usaite and I am the interior designer behind AEST/STUDIO. The name is inspired by the concept of 'aesthetic,' reflecting the vision of a dynamic space where design and visual arts converge seamlessly.

With a Bachelor's degree in Interior and Furniture Design and a Master's Degree in Creative Arts, my journey in the interior design industry began in 2017. I've navigated through roles in large corporations, boutique studios, and freelance ventures, all leading me to establish AEST/STUDIO.

Driven by a passion for Art and Photography, I've expanded our services to include original art pieces by me or other creatives and prints, enriching the client experience with a diverse creative palette.

Drawing from my expertise in Art, Modernism, and functional elegance, I specialize in optimizing everyday spaces to their fullest potential.

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- Greta Usaite


photography and art prints



“AEST / STUDIO was an absolute joy to collaborate with. From start to finish, communication was smooth and timely and the end result went far beyond my initial expectations. My favourite part of the consultation process was that across the full scope of plentiful suggestions and advice, I got both creatively daring solutions but also slightly more conservative backup options. This empowered us as clients to actively consider creative choices and made us more engaged in the process. AEST / STUDIO understood well how to leave enough creative space for clients to populate with their personal story, while expertly steering us away from cliches and towards unique and interesting solutions.” 

—  Zoran, Dublin

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